About Ben

Ben Skerrett is the owner and founder of Skerrett Equine. Ben grew up on a farm in Tamworth NSW, Australia. At a young age, Ben developed a very strong connection with horses. That connection led him to numerous opportunities to work with and train horses.

In 2006 Ben moved to the Sunshine Coast where he started a very successful horse training business with his wife Linda. BLS Horsemanship focuses on educating and empowering people with their horses by understanding the strong interaction between the two.

Ben has also held a very deep passion for personal development and understanding human behaviour. Over the years Ben has explored this passion from studying many of the leading experts in the field. One of Ben’s most influential mentors is Dr. John F Demartini, Ben completed many of his courses on human behaviour. This study led Ben to the knowledge, that horse training was more about training people and less about training horses.

As a result of that knowledge, Ben completed an intensive apprenticeship to become an Eponaquest Instructor in 2014. Ben had the privilege of travelling internationally and learning directly from the founder of Eponaquest, Linda Kohanov.

Eponaquest, is a multi-disciplinary organization where humans and horses are supported in co-creating a new way of being. One that emphasizes authenticity, collaboration, and experimentation. The process considers the constant interplay of body, mind, spirit, and emotion and the development of self-awareness and a wide variety of interpersonal skills.

Through the Eponaquest apprenticeship Ben became qualified as an Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFL) instructor, and a Riding Focused Instructor (RFI). Ben also has a diploma in counselling from The National Education Academy.

Many years of teaching people to overcome adversity with their horses has allowed Ben to develop his unique and powerful approach to personal transformation. The valuable life lessons that Ben has learned from his greatest teachers…the horses… allow him to facilitate powerful transformations within individuals and organizations alike.