Why Horses?

How does engaging with horses help us grow, change and transform?

Thousands of years of nonverbal communication between horses in herd environments have made them masterful at reading and communicating body language and intention. Even the subtlest shift in energy or emotion from one horse can be sensed and interpreted by another horse without the need for verbalisation. As human beings, we sometimes lack that kind of mental and emotional congruency. We are often disconnected from our emotions and our bodies. Instead we spend more time living in our heads, and as a result we might attempt to conceal how we are really feeling deep down.

Horses, on the other hand, are always congruent, present, connected to their bodies and completely honest about how they are feeling, giving them a powerful presence and authenticity. Because of this, horses are like extraordinary mirrors, they quickly pick up on our energy and emotions, and reflect with incredible accuracy how we really are in the present moment. How you feel is more important than what you think when you are interacting with horses.

The horse opens the doorway for us to let go of our persona’s and social masks, so we can we step fully into a more authentic, and connected way of being. They become a guide for us as we explore the inner terrain of our psyche allowing us to deeply immerse ourselves in the depths of our emotions without getting lost or overwhelmed. This experience connects us with our true nature, catalysing powerful transformation on a mental, emotional and physical level. 

Experience or knowledge of horses is not required. The only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to engage. Even people with a fear of horses can benefit. The horse is simply there to help facilitate the learning process. Our horses have had extensive groundwork training and have a very calm, gentle and quiet nature. 

How do horses provide feed back for the facilitator?

Scientific studies have shown that the hearts electromagnetic field is 5000 times stronger than that of the brains electromagnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body in all directions.


This demonstrates the power that emotions have in your non-verbal communication. How you feel is more important that what you think when you are interacting with horses. Your emotions never lie, so any attempt to cover up or suppress your emotions causes incongruence. 

Your heart will always display your true feelings through the heart’s electromagnetic field and this information is what horses feel and respond to with amazing accuracy. The gift of the horse to respond and reflect our feelings and subtle energy comes naturally, as their survival in the wild relies heaving on their ability to be highly perceptive to their environment.

The facilitator interprets the instantaneous feedback provided by the horse. This information is then used to help develop self-awareness, and directs the learning process. The result is often transformative.

Why is it so effective?

Equine facilitated learning is so effective because it provides a non-judgemental, experiential and empowering space for self-development, team building and leadership training.

The experiential learning environment is created through a variety of activities between the participants and the horse. This environment allows each participant to become fully engaged in their own unique learning process (individual), as well as giving them the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others (group).

Each participant is supported to develop important insights and awareness around their own practise as People, Leaders, Managers or Team Members. Participants are then supported in actively exploring these insights through their own engagement with the horses. The result, is the participants directly embody these new insights and experiences, allowing them to gain trust in this new way of being. It is the experiential and the non-judgemental space that make this form of learning so effective.


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