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Today we have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news: we had to postpone the last Journey To Authenticity workshop due to the weather. 

Good news: we have a new date for it!!!

The last Journey To Authenticity workshop was scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of October 17, but unfortunately due to the amount of rain we had, we were forced to cancel it. While we were very happy to finally see rain and have the grass grow, we know the participants were missing out on an amazing workshop. So, we rescheduled the Journey To Authenticity workshop to the 25th & 26th November 17. We know this is getting close to Chrismas, but what better time to give yourself a present and come to experience the healing powers horses can have. This is your time to treat yourself before the hectic and joyful Christmas season. Keep in mind this is the last one for this year! To book in click here…

On another note, very exciting news, we now have the option of online payment. You can pay via PayPal, credit card or direct deposit. To pay with credit card, please select the PayPal option. Once you are redirected to the PayPal site you can choose “Pay with card” and follow the instructions.  


(Love this photo, Phoenix shacking it all up…)

Do you want be more courageous, fulfilled and authentic in your life, but you feel like fear, anxiety, stress and self-worth are holding you back? Are you struggling with self-doubt and don’t even know who you are anymore?

Let horses be your guides on your journey to awakening your authenticity and finding your true self. Horses are powerful teachers because they are always authentic in their self-expression towards others.

This workshop will give you a non-judgmental, hands on healing and personal growth experience, opening the door to your authenticity, self-love and a deeper understanding of who you are. During this transformative 2-day Workshop you will be guided through unique activities that are focused on developing and cultivating authenticity in your daily life.

This Workshop will help you develop:
> A more creative, authentic and powerful presence
> Self-confidence and self-awareness
> An understanding and acceptance of your emotions and learning to use them as information
> Non-verbal communication skills
> Your ability to establish and maintain clear consistent boundaries in your life in the name of authenticity
> Your ability to transcend the things that get in the way of authenticity and love
> The ability to recognise and move beyond conditioned behaviours and thought patterns that keep us stuck
> Your ability to trust the wisdom of your feelings
> Dynamic self-expression
> Insight and intuition
> Emotional resilience

“I attended SkerrettEquine’s last Journey to Authenticity and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone from any walk of life, who wants to enrich their lives. I have spent the majority of my life not really knowing who I am and I now feel have turned a corner after going to Ben’s workshop and am on the road to becoming a more authentic person. It helped that I love horses, but anyone, even non-horsey people benefit from this course. Simple, but life changing stuff!!”

Experience or knowledge of horses is not required. Even people with a fear of horses can benefit from this work. All activities are done from the ground. No horse back riding in this workshop.

This workshop is recognised worldwide as an introductory Eponaquest workshop. Completing this workshop qualifies you to participate in any advanced Eponaquest workshops worldwide as well as being a prerequisite for the Eponaquest apprenticeship. It also qualifies you to participate in any of Skerrett Equine’s advanced workshops.

About Ben:
Exploring a passion for personal development led Ben to the knowledge, that horse training was more about training people and less about training horses. As a result of this knowledge Ben decided to become a qualified Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) instructor, and a Riding Focused Instructor (RFI). Ben has also completed a diploma in counselling from the National Education Academy.


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