My Journey to Skerrett Equine

As I look back over the years at all the horses I’ve helped, I feel honoured to have played my part in it all. But the truth is, for every horse that I have helped, I have received even more in return from the horse. Horses have catalysed so many powerful transformations and learnings within me on a deep and personal level. They have made me a better horse trainer, but more importantly…they have made me a better human being.

equine-connection-newsletterThese experiences ignited my fascination with the horse’s ability to teach people about themselves. Over and over, I have seen how horses powerfully and innately know how to help someone, acting as a gauge and a mirror for their progress and change on a personal level.

As a result, I have spent many years gaining the skills necessary to facilitate these powerful learning experiences between horses and people. I am fully qualified in the Eponaquest model of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFL) and Riding Focused Instructing (RFI). I have a diploma in counselling and a passion for helping people to reach their full potential.

Are you curious about what horses might be trying to reveal to you on a personal level? Do you want to apply that information to transform your life or your riding?

I would feel privileged to assist you in facilitating this process.

Skerrett Equine is offering a variety of personal development sessions and workshops. Click here to find out more.

We are also very excited to be offering a special promotion to our valued clients. In order for you to get a taste of these powerful experiences we are offering a 15% discount on ALL of our Skerrett Equine sessions (EFL and RFI) for the months of November and December!


It was just what I have been looking for, especially after writing my book. To think that I was part of this new wave of really getting in touch with horses and they being able to touch us as well, is just a dream come true. The communication that went on between Ben, the horses and myself seems to be the stuff of dreams. I’m still trying to get my head around it. Ben was a patient, articulate teacher and I feel privileged to have been part of this Seminar. I have never been to a seminar that I was sorry to see each day end.  It was a life changing and dream confirming experience. I can’t thank you enough for the experience.

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