June Journey to Authenticity workshop pictures

Journey-To-Authenticity-June-17 15

We feel honoured to share these photos from our June ‘Journey to Authenticity’ workshop. (See slideshow below) These pictures tell the story of four unique women who brought with them, a very powerful expression of authenticity and connection.

Throughout the journey, they took part in a variety of experiential exercises. These exercises allowed them to bring the concept of authenticity into a more tangible form that could be easily embodied and integrated into everyday life!

They learned the art of listening to their own body’s intuitive messages and they have become more competent at setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. They learned about the essential elements of leadership and experimented with embodying these elements. They began to strengthen their intuition and inner guidance systems and they explored their ability to understand, and feel their emotions and the messages contained within them.

Authenticity is about taking ownership of the light and dark sides of the human experience, instead of trying to disown or deny one or the other. By embracing both sides of our nature, we become integrated into a whole being again and the by-product of that is our truest nature and self-love.

If you would like to know more about what happens at a Journey to Authenticity workshop, then have a look at our last post. 

Our next Journey To Authenticity workshop is September 2nd and 3rd …take the journey with us


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