How to set authentic boundaries

In this video I share with you my process for setting authentic boundaries. I also share with you the most common reasons why people fail to set effective boundaries in their life and how to overcome these obstacles.

Authentic boundary setting has the power to change your life in so many ways. I’ve seen it transform relationships, careers and peoples sense of integrity and self respect. Authentic boundaries are vital to your sense of fulfilment in life because they help you nurture and protect the things that are most important to you, therefore allowing the things that you love to flourish.

Setting boundaries can be difficult because it can bring up a lot of fears, insecurities and other overwhelming emotions like anger and disappointment. This is why it is important to address the emotions and beliefs that are blocking you first before you set the boundary. Trying to set boundaries when you are caught in fear, anger and stress is ineffective because people tend to disconnect, shutdown or get defensive. Authentic boundaries are much more powerful because we are connected to our authenticity and communicating from a place of calm assertiveness. When we communicate a boundary from a place of calm assertiveness we are in command of our energy and non-verbal communication which creates a higher level of engagement and connection to the person we are setting the boundary with.

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