How does Equine Facilitated Learning work?

To explain how Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) works, I share some stories of personal transformation through horses, in the video below. I have been lucky enough to witness many powerful transformations take place when people enter a round pen with a horse, an open mind and an open heart. Many of those transformations have been my own and many have been those of people in my workshops.


How does the process of EFL take place?

Before going in with the horse I guide the person through a body scan which allows them to access their bodies intuitive wisdom. The body scan anchors the person back into the present moment where they are naturally receptive and emotionally open. Usually the horse is loose in a round pen or small arena and I then invite the person to enter the space to interact with the horse. The horse is unrestrained so it can freely interact with the person and reflect emotions and energies back to the person uninterrupted. Horses are by nature non-judgmental and they mirror back to you what is going on in the present moment. When you are truly in the present moment you are open and receptive to your own inner guidance. Once the person feels they have finished there meaningful interaction with the horse I invite them to share their experience, its meaning and what came up for them. This validates the significance of the experience and helps the person process its meaning. The power of these sessions comes from the unspoken conversation that takes place between the persons energy and the horses energy. This energy exchange is instantaneous and almost telepathic creating the deep connection that is required for emotional healing and transformation. 

This explanation is simplifying a very complex and individual process. Every person has a different experience and I usually individualise the sessions to tailor to the specific needs.

I truly enjoy watching the transformations take place and am passionate about facilitating this for people.

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