Journey to Self-Love

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Date(s) - 06/06/2020 - 07/06/2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Skerrett Equine


Have you ever wanted to be able to embrace and love all of who you are, but you feel like your limiting beliefs, fears, vulnerabilities and comfortable habits hold you back and get in the way?

The Journey to Self Love workshop provides you with a powerful healing opportunity where you can overcome your limiting beliefs and fears and embrace and love all of who you are.

Ben will be your guide on your journey of self-love and healing. Ben’s unique approach helps you open a window to the unconscious aspects of your being, while gently encouraging you to reconnect, embrace and nurture these hidden aspects. When you have the courage to embrace and love all of who you are you open the door to healing and powerful transformation.

During this transformative workshop you will be guided through unique activities that are focused on developing and cultivating Self Love and healing in your daily life.

For a list of activities, please contact us…

In this workshop, you will get an introduction to:

  • How to love and embrace the hidden and denied aspects of yourself and find the gifts and wisdom they contain
  • How to shift the limiting beliefs, habits and negative emotions that get in the way of self-love
  • How to break the cycle of suffering though self love
  • How to embody the principles of Self Love in your daily life with practical exercises and processes
  • How your deeply held beliefs create the way you experience life
  • Powerful processes that transform your relationships with the people in your life
  • How to utilise emotional courage to embrace the challenges your life presents
  • How to turn your vulnerabilities and emotional pain into powerful opportunities for growth and healing

“What a lovely weekend of discovering yourself in such a special, meaningful way! Years of therapy wouldn’t bring about the same realisations! Thank You!”

About Ben:

Ben has deep love for helping people discover their true nature through healing and transformation. His work has been developed from his life long quest for understanding human potential and the innate spiritual nature of the human experience. Ben’s unique path has led him to study psychology, human behaviour, personal development, spirituality and the principles of self discovery. Ben is a qualified counsellor, EFEL practitioner and has been running workshops for the past 6 years that help people to discover and reclaim their true nature.

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