What does being Authentic really mean?

To me being authentic is at its core about following your heart and trusting absolutely the wisdom and truth that comes from that place. So many of our decisions and choices we make in our life are based on other people’s opinions and beliefs about what we should be and do rather than coming directly from our own authenticity, inner truth and wisdom. We are so afraid of challenging our culturally indoctrinated beliefs and the external authority figures in our life, that we choose to betray our own inner guidance and authenticity. When we deny this part of ourselves we rob our life of joy, happiness, love and fulfilment. When we deny this part of ourselves we cut off our connection to our true spiritual essence and our inherent gifts that come from this part of us. Many of the mental, emotional and physical illnesses that we experience are our own inner guidance trying to help us reconnect with who we truly are at our core.


We spend our whole lives trying to find love, connection and happiness in the external world, when the only true place we can ever find it is within our own heart.

When we reconnect to our authenticity and begin to live from this place, our life transforms radically and we see the world with new eyes!

So, my questions to you are: Are you living from a place of authenticity or are you living someone else’s life? Are you living a fulfilled life or are you just trying to get by? Do you want to feel more at ease, happy and joyful? 

The power to changing your life starts with brutal honesty and awareness and your willingness to give back your full trust to the part of you that knows your heart’s desire!

On the 24th and 25th of February 2018, I will be hosting the Journey To Authenticity workshop here on the Sunshine Coast, where 8 lucky participants will be embarking on their individual journeys to authenticity!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify and overcome the obstacles and barriers that get in the way of being authentic
  • The Authenticity tool box – how to utilise a simple process that will allow you to access your authenticity and inner guidance at anytime
  • Daily rituals and habits that align you with your authenticity, inner wisdom and guidance
  • How to identify, let go of and move beyond limiting beliefs, habits patterns and behaviours
  • Dynamic self-expression
  • How to enhance your own insight and intuition
  • How to understand your emotions and the important role they play as part of your inner guidance system
  • How to receive and interpret the wisdom and guidance from horses

This is what one of the participants of this workshop said about it:

“I attended SkerrettEquine’s last Journey to Authenticity and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone from any walk of life, who wants to enrich their lives. I have spent the majority of my life not really knowing who I am and I now feel have turned a corner after going to Ben’s workshop and am on the road to becoming a more authentic person. It helped that I love horses, but anyone, even non-horsey people benefit from this course. Simple, but life changing stuff!!”

Only 2 days left on the Early Bird offer, so make sure you BOOK HERE TODAY…


How do horses fit into all of this?

Thousands of years of nonverbal communication between horses in herd environments have made them masterful at reading and communicating body language and intention. Even the subtlest shift in energy or emotion from one horse can be sensed and interpreted by another horse without the need for verbalisation. As human beings, we sometimes lack that kind of mental and emotional congruency. We are often disconnected from our emotions and our bodies. Instead we spend more time living in our heads, and as a result we might attempt to conceal how we are really feeling deep down.

Horses, on the other hand, are always congruent, present, connected to their bodies and completely honest about how they are feeling, giving them a powerful presence and authenticity. Because of this, horses are like extraordinary mirrors, they quickly pick up on our energy and emotions, and reflect with incredible accuracy how we really are in the present moment. How you feel is more important than what you think when you are interacting with horses.

Horses open the doorway for us to let go of our persona’s and social masks, so we can step fully into a more authentic, and connected way of being. They become a guide for us as we explore the inner terrain of our psyche allowing us to deeply immerse ourselves in the depths of our emotions without getting lost or overwhelmed. This experience connects us with our true nature, catalysing powerful transformation on a mental, emotional and physical level.

I am incredibly inspired and honoured to be running this workshop and I hope that you can make it! If you have already been and experienced the gifts that this workshop provides please pass it on to people in your life that would benefit!

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird offer. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT. Book you spot NOW CLICK HERE and enjoy the beauty horses have to offer, on your journey of discovery to a more fulfilled being. 

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