RFI Group Sessions – Facilitated on horseback

Personal Development, Transformation and Growth Through Horses

We offer the safe and dynamic experience of a group session. Two or more people will be classified as a group. 

The benefits of a group session are many. One of the obvious benefits is that it becomes more affordable. In addition, participating as a group can provide an even richer experience for everyone involved. For example, through discussions, questioning and sharing there is often an increased understanding as a whole and as an individual.

Our RFI sessions offer participants the experience of personal development through riding on the horses back. This allows the participant to access a more powerful form of self-awareness, body-awareness and confidence.

Experience or knowledge of horses is not required. The only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to engage. Even people with a fear of horses can benefit from this work. The horse is simply there to help facilitate the process. Horses have a unique ability to perceive and mirror human emotions, which allows them to provide authentic feedback, this feedback is interpreted by the facilitator and used to direct the process, assisting you in discovering your gifts and transforming your life.

It is important to understand that we are not trying to ‘fix you’ or solve your problems, rather, the horse and the facilitator are gently holding the space for you to achieve more understanding of yourself, more knowingness of your own behaviours. Supporting you as you co-create a new way of being.  The emphasis is on learning how to thrive rather than simply survive!


About RFI

RFI sessions can often lead to personal breakthroughs that would otherwise not be possible, because of the intimacy and vulnerability that is felt between horse and rider. Being on a horses back can instantly break down trust barriers creating an experience of liberation, connectedness and healing. Horses have an amazing trust in the wisdom of their bodies and what they feel. When you are on the back of a horse this wisdom is transferred from the horse’s body to your body. With the assistance of facilitation, the power of this experience can create deep and lasting transformation in the hearts and minds of participants.

Our Riding Focused sessions can help you develop:

  • The ability to overcome fear
  • Resilience after a fall or injury
  • Leadership skills
  • Self esteem and self-confidence  
  • A more creative, authentic and powerful presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An understanding and acceptance of your emotions and learning to use them as information
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • The ability to establish and maintain clear consistent boundaries and personal space
  • Emotional empowerment in relationships
  • The ability to recognise and move beyond conditioned behaviours and thought patterns
  • The ability to trust yourself and others
  • Insight and intuition 

Our Approach

Our Approach involves selecting from a variety of experiential based activities, which will help you meet your needs. Find out more about these activities.

We provide the horses that will be used in your session. Our horses have had extensive groundwork and riding training and have a very calm and quiet nature. 


All Session prices include GST and are listed per person.


Session TypE

2 people 

3 people

4 people

5 people 

6 or more people


1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour


$90 pp.

$80 pp.

$70 pp.

$60 pp.

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We are happy to facilitate group sessions for more than 6 people, please contact us to discuss further details.  Contact us