Overcoming Self Doubt

Self doubt is something that is part of the human experience on the journey of self discovery. When we make the commitment to follow our heart and do what we love we can often be plagued by self doubt because we are challenging the beliefs and stories that we have been accepting as our reality for so long.

Your subconscious mind accepts everything that you think and believe as reality even if it is unconscious. When you challenge your deeply seated beliefs that you have held onto for so long you will naturally feel intense feelings of vulnerability and fear because these beliefs feel comfortable, safe and familiar. Even though these beliefs cause a lot of emotional pain and suffering they are comfortable, safe and familiar.

On an instinctive level when we feel fear and vulnerability it triggers our fight or flight response. This primitive fight or flight response does serve us well when we are in emergency situations, it can hold us back and stunt our personal growth. The uncertainty created by these strong feelings of vulnerability and fear feed the inner voice of self doubt, self criticism and make us feel unworthy of our hearts desire.

Courage is the antidote to self doubt, you have to lean into the fear and vulnerability that it creates so that you can nurture your hearts desire. Actively practicing courage and leaning into your fear and vulnerability will bring you into alignment with your hearts desire. The more you practice leaning into your fear and vulnerability the stronger you will become.

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