Journey To Authenticity Workshop


Last weekend (11th & 12th March 2017) marked our first Journey To Authenticity workshop of the year and I feel very blessed to have played my part in it. As usual the horses did an amazing job of facilitating the individuals who participated in the 2 day workshop, giving them amazing experiences that validated their own journey to authenticity. It never ceases to amaze me how horses can impart such profound wisdom and insights in such simple and direct ways.

Day 1 presented an opportunity for participants to work on their boundaries and personal space. In this activity, I emphasised the importance of setting boundaries to feel safe, connected and respected by the people we interact with. The participants also learned the importance of noticing and respecting the boundaries of others. This gives people the space they need to feel safe, connected and respected during their interactions with each other. It was great to see the participants embodying these concepts with the horses. Equally impressive was to see how well the horses responded to the participants when they recognized and respected the horse’s boundaries.

In the afternoon, we worked through the Authentic self vs Conditioned self-activity. This activity lets us gain a deeper sense of awareness around, when we are living from a place of authenticity vs when we are living from our conditioned self-limiting habits and beliefs. The big theme, that I noticed in myself and the participants, was how empowering it is to share our own personal real life examples. By taking ownership of our conditioned limiting beliefs and behaviours we diminish the power they have over us. By doing so we step into our power and take ownership of our authenticity.

The last activity for the day was called Leadership Through Relationship. The participants learned to embody the non-verbal elements of leadership and communication with the goal of having the horse choose to follow them without the use of halters, leads or any restraints. Although the horses presented some challenges every participant managed to achieve their goal of having the horse follow them freely.

On day 2, we explored the messages behind our emotions and how to use emotions as information instead of supressing or repressing them. Again, all of the participants demonstrated their power by taking ownership of their emotions and finding the messages behind their emotions. It became clear, that when we listen to the messages behind our emotions they become a powerful form of intuition instead of a burden that weighs us down.

In the afternoon, the participants experienced their hearts agenda in the reflective sessions with the horses. Once again, the horses gave the participants a powerful experience that validated their hearts agenda and allowed them to gain deeper insights into the wisdom of feeling. It was amazing to see how the horses were able to give each participant a profoundly transformative experience that was unique to their own life journey.

By the end of the workshop, we all had a deep sense of gratitude for the lessons, insights and wisdom we received from the 2 day journey with the horses. It is this wisdom that opens the doorway to our authenticity giving us the courage to wholeheartedly embrace life’s challenges.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants for allowing me to play my part in their journey to authenticity.


What our participants said about this workshop:

 What a lovely weekend of discovering yourself in such a special, meaningful way! Years of therapy wouldn’t bring about the same realizations! Thank You!
 Ben and Linda are genuine and beautiful people. They made this experience enjoyable and easy. The weekend has helped me in many ways.
 Enjoyed the journey to authenticity – excellent info, exercises shared in a safe environment. Very well presented at a beautiful location. 

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These are some images that reflect the journey of the participants at the workshop.

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