How to Strengthen your Connection to your Authentic Self

In this video I share with you the three most powerful and significant ways to strengthen your connection to your authentic self. In my experience of working with people to help them reclaim their connection to their authentic self, I have found that there are three key things that need to happen to for them to reconnect to their authentic self.

Number one is that you need to spend time every day doing something that fills your emotional cup. Doing something that fulfils you every day nourishes and nurtures your soul. It gives your life a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Number two is that you need to start putting yourself first. One of the most common things that disconnects you from your authentic self is putting your needs, values and desires last.

Number three is you need to stop caring so much about what other people think. When other peoples opinions of you matter more than your own opinion of yourself, your sense of worthiness will be reliant on what other people think of you.

In the video I go into more detail about what these key elements look like.

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