How to deal with Nay Sayers and Critics

In this video I share with you how to deal with nay sayers and critics and the debilitating effect they can have on you when you get affected by what they say. Critics and Nay sayers are a part of life and they can only affect us on an emotional level if we believe on some level that they are right.

If we are standing in our integrity and truth then we will welcome criticism and it will not affect us, we might even laugh about it light heartedly. This is why it is important to notice when you are deeply affected by the criticism and what it reflects back to you about your self beliefs. We can only be affected by criticism if it resonates with a belief that you hold about yourself.

People who criticise and try to cut you down can also do this because you are challenging their comfortable beliefs and habits. They can be afraid that you are outgrowing them or they are projecting their lack of self belief onto you.

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